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Coaches Meeting Information

Updated 1/9/2018  5:13pm


COACHES save the date !!

March 4, 2018 is the coaches mtg. Meeting held at the Springboro City Building.

CP1       1-1:30

CP2       1:30-2

Minors  2-3

Majors  3-4

Juniors  4-5





2018 Bat Clarification


Bats for 2018 Seasons:


USA Baseball has been the governing body for amateur baseball.  And until now, all associations, affiliations and leagues have followed their guidance and implemented their suggestions.  With the proposed bat rule changes effective 2018, many of us understood that the move was based on player safety.  
Thus, almost all organizations of all kinds, except USSSA, lined up initially to follow USA Baseball.

Since then we have learned that the move was NOT player safety related and there is a significant split among organizations regarding bat rules.

The Springboro Clearcreek Baseball Association will allow both the USSSA, USA and BPF 1.15 bats whose markings are permanent and made by the manufacturer for league play in 2018.


We have also implemented new bat restrictions for the 2018 season:


Coach Pitch       2 5/8” max barrel size with no restriction to drop

Minors               2 5/8” max barrel size with -12 drop difference max

Majors               2 5/8” max barrel size with -10 drop difference max

Juniors               2 5/8” max barrel size with -5 drop difference max (each team will be supplied 2 bats)

Seniors               2 5/8” max barrel size with -3 drop difference max


Another significant change for 2018 season will be field sizes:


Coach Pitch       NO change

Minors                 46’ distance for pitching               65’ base distance

Majors                 50’ pitching distance                     70’ base distance

Juniors                54’ pitching distance                     80’ base distance

Seniors                 NO change

by posted 11/10/2017